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Vergina WEISS

Our Weiss beer gives any eclectic German beer a run for its money. Award-winning Vergina Weiss is an outstanding beer with a rich and aromatic wheat flavour, effervescent, and with a hazy appearance due to the special top-fermenting yeast it contains. The top-fermentation method gives it a rich, fruity aroma with notes of clove and banana. The key ingredients of Weiss beer are malted wheat and barley, specially caramelised wheat malt, top-fermenting yeast and water. For the most enjoyment, follow the pouring instructions on the back label on the bottle. Cheers!

Food pairing: Vergina Weiss balances out the more intensely flavoured semi-soft and monastery cheeses, as well as cheese like mature Gouda, Colby or Monterey Jack, and the slightly stronger goat's milk cheeses like Romano and Feta. Vergina Weiss also complements a meal of seafood appetisers and white fish very well.

Taste/aroma Full-bodied flavour, intense aromas dominated by clove and banana
Appearance Light amber colour, cloudy
Shelf life 9 months in bottle, 4 months in keg
Pouring instructions After filling the glass to about 80% full, agitate the yeast at the bottom of the bottle and add it to the glass. Kegs should be agitated regularly. The ideal serving temperature is 4-6o C.
Packaging Bottle 0.5 l, Keg 30 l