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The latest release from Vergina Brewery challenges all the senses. It is a new beer with the splendour of a Byzantine empress dressed in Tyrian purple. Vergina Porfyra beer is drawn exclusively from Tank No. 13 at the Macedonian Thrace Brewery and is for true beer lovers. An unfiltered lager, blond with orange highlights, it overwhelms you from the first moment with a delicate aroma of hops and malt that are perfectly balanced and harmoniously blended. With 6.3% alcohol by volume, it is available in a limited number of 0.33 l bottles. Vergina presents Porfyra, the empress of beers!

Food pairing: Its flavour, which resembles the blond monastic beers of the Belgian school, means it goes well with soft and fresh cheeses with a mild aromatic profile, such as soft Feta, Chaloumi, Mozzarella, Brie and Camembert or freshly matured cheeses such as cottage cheese, cream cheese and Ricotta. It pairs nicely with light chicken and beef dishes, or deli meat platters.

Taste/aroma Full body, intense aromas of classic hops in harmony with aromatic malt
Appearance Light blond colour, cloudy
Shelf life 6 months in bottle
Pouring instructions After filling the glass to about 90% full, agitate the yeast at the bottom of the bottle and add part of it to the glass. The ideal serving temperature is 4-6o C.
Packaging Bottle 0.33l