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New Year’s Celebration 2016

The tradition of the New Year’s Celebration of Macedonian Thrace Brewery S.A. and Tuvunu S.A. continued this year at the Historical building ‘Leschi’ in Komotini.

The large family of the our two companies had the opportunity to review the achievements of the successful year, and we were given the opportunity to set our goals for 2016 - a year where we will continue to move on  towards development, which promises us many and pleasant surprises!

In this year's event, Mr. Panayiotis Dalalakis was the lucky one who found the ‘flouri’ (that is hidden in the vasilopita cake) and rushed to share his fortune with the rest of us in Komotini’s finest bars, until the early hours of the next day ...

From Komotini we send the warmest greetings to all our friends, wherever you are, for a 2016 full of successes and joys.


Σειρά Κατάταξης