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Vergina Weiss: the Greek beer from Thrace with the greatest international achievements

Komotini the 15th of November 2018

The great international achievements for Vergina Weiss and Macedonian Thrace Brewery continue, with the conquest of the Silver European Beer Star 2018.
Vergina Weiss was selected as one of the 3 best beers of the highly demanding Hefeweizen category, among hundreds of excellent entries from small and large breweries from all over the world, to the largest competition of its kind in Germany.

"It is a special honor for us… more

Macedonian Thrace Brewery welcomes the unanimous decision of the Hellenic Competition Commission ("HCC") according to which the Athenian Brewery - a subsidiary of Heineken NV in Greece, which markets the brands ALFA, Amstel, Heineken, Fischer, etc.  - abused its dominant position in the Greek beer market by systematically and continuously adopting practices whose sole purpose was to exclude competing products and to limit the possibilities for the development of similar undertakings.

For this reason, the HCC imposed a fine of… more

February 13 is Vergina beer’s birthday and the day when the Greek craft brewery revolution began.

We send a great thank you and our love to all our friends - to our family - wherever you are.

Together we have already accomplished many, by overcoming barriers and destroying obstacles that many considered unbeatable.

But we are still at the beginning, the battle continues, and the best are yet to come ...

Cheers then and Happy Birthday to our… more

The tradition of the New Year’s Celebration of Macedonian Thrace Brewery S.A. and Tuvunu S.A. continued this year at the Historical building ‘Leschi’ in Komotini.

The large family of the our two companies had the opportunity to review the achievements of the successful year, and we were given the opportunity to set our goals for 2016 - a year where we will continue to move on  towards development, which promises us many and pleasant surprises!

In this year's event, Mr. Panayiotis Dalalakis was the lucky one who… more

"Please refute all of us the doubters by turning your country into Hong Kong / Singapore / Switzerland of the Mediterranean as success will be your best revenge," concludes the letter of the editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine and chairman of the homonymous group Steve Forbes, to the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis ...

The Forbes letter, reproduced by almost all of the Greek press and media, also conceals an honorary report for Komotini and Thrace in general, since Mr. Forbes is an… more

Greek and foreign micro-brewers had the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most modern breweries in Europe in the industrial area of ​​Komotini, Macedonian Thrace Brewery, home of Vergina Beer.

The brewery tour also attended several Vergina friends who are about to make the big ... brewing step. It should be noted that Macedonian Thrace Brewery, has contributed greatly to the development of micro-brewery in our country. The visitors had the opportunity to take a tour at the brewery’s and malting plants’ premises while being informed… more

Visit of Regional Director of East Macedonian & Thrace, Mr.G. Pavlidis, at Macedonia’s Thrace Brewery facilities.

The 5th Kavala AirSea Show is a fact that is based in Kavala and Thassos this year, "Let's Head Up" on 24-25-26 June.

An international air and naval event with organizers, Municipality and prefecture of Kavala, Kavala AirSea Show started in 2011 and continues for the 5th year with the aim of developing aviation and naval culture and promoting the cultural and tourism potential in cooperation with the state institutions, being an unprecedented international event.

At a press conference held in the conference… more

Almost two years after the completion of the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) investigation of any long-term abuse of a dominant position in Greece by the Athenian Brewery (owned by Heineken), Macedonian Thrace Brewery welcomes the recent statement by the EPAP President, Mr. Demetrios Kyritsakis, that the Commission will proceed with the adoption of the relevant decision by the end of November 2015.

Although Mr Kyritsakis' statement is undoubtedly a promising development, it is still interesting the fact that the HCC… more

It is produced in Thrace and particularly in Komotini, in one of the most modern brewing facilities in Europe, and is exported to the United States of America, Albania and Bulgaria. Her name, "Vergina".

"We were looking for a name that is feminine, three syllable and Greek," said Mr. Dimitris Chriss, the director of Corporate Development of Macedonian Thrace Brewery S.A., about the name of the beer produced in Thrace.

The selection of the company headquarters in Komotini is not… more

ATHENS — Demetri Politopoulos, the founder of a midsize beer producer in northern Greece, says he nearly fainted when he heard the news late one night in October.

The Greek Parliament was planning to pass a law that would increase the tax he paid for each hectoliter of beer he sold by 50 percent.

Just like that, the microbrewery he started 17 years ago would go under, as his new tax bill of 1.6 million euros would wipe out his expected 1.45 million euros in profit for the year.

“I about had a heart attack,” said Mr. Politopoulos, a 52-year-old entrepreneur who for… more

Following the silver medal at the International Brewing Awards in London in 2013, the major international awards for Vergina Weiss and Macedonia's Thrace Brewery continue, with the Bronze European Beer Star Award 2014.

Vergina Weiss was selected as one of the three best beers of its highly demanding category among hundreds of excellent entrants of small and large breweries from all over the world, and indeed in Weiss's birthplace by judges who were mostly Germans.

"It is a… more

"The odyssey of a small Greek beer". With this title, the chemical engineer Dimitris Politopoulos became the headline of the New York Times, who instead of a journey to success met the hell called the Greek market and legislation.

They all started in the middle m90s, when Greece did not have one, 100% genuine Greek beer. At that time Greece did not have the luxury of having its own beer (Fix brewery was bankrupt in 1983). Instead, it had 3,500 different wines and 500 ouzo brands. All this, when Bulgaria had 18 of its own… more

In the world's largest and oldest international beer competition, the International Brewing Awards (www.brewingawards.org), which are held every two years since 1886 in Great Britain, the Greek beer Vergina Weiss of Macedonia's Thrace Brewery SA won the silver medal in the Speciality Wheat Beer category for 2013.

The award/presentation was held in London on April 26, at Guildhall (www.guildhall.cityoflondon.gov.uk) in London, and it is worth noting that this year's contest attracted nearly 1,000 entries from 70 countries  - a significant increase from their respective organization… more

Among the winners from the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, scientists, researchers, farmers, representatives of Cooperatives and entrepreneurs that have been distinguished for their successful innovative business activity in the agri sector, are also included local producers from Thrace and Drama.

The winners of YPAAT, accompanied by the Minister Mr. Athanasios Tsaftaris, met with the President of the Republic, Mr. Karolos Papoulias, who, since he congratulated them for their work, subsequently rewarded them for this.

After presenting Mrs. Katsikoudi Theodora… more

"The Odyssey of a Greek Beer", as reported by NYT, finds her "Ithaca" in Komotini.

Macedonia’s Thrace Brewery is drinking in the health of the new malting plant. The well-known brewery that produces the beer "Vergina" will now produce malt from its own malting plant in Komotini, which was completed a few weeks ago. This is a venture that started last February and essentially solves the hands of Dimitris Politopoulos' business by making it autonomous and allowing it to grow faster in sales across borders and beyond. The… more

Speech by the Founder and Managing Director of the Macedonia’s Thrace Brewery and creator of Greek beer Vergina Mr. Dimitris Politopoulos during the students’ award ceremony of the DOSA Department, after a business competition.


DEMETRI POLITOPOULOS says he has suffered countless indignities in his 12-year battle to build a microbrewery and wrest a sliver of the Greek beer market from the Dutch colossus, Heineken.


His tires have been slashed and his products vandalized by unknown parties, he says, and his brewery has received threatening phone calls. And he says he has had to endure regular taunts — you left Manhattan to start up a beer factory in northern Greece? — not to mention the pain of losing 5.3 million euros.


At the conference "Greece - The Emergence from the Crisis?" on Thursday, 16 June, spoke Mr. Dimitris Politopoulos, managing director of Macedonian Thrace Brewery SA. (Vergina Beer) who is based in the Industrial Area of Komotini, invited by the organizers of the "International Herald Tribune" and "Kathimerini" newspapers.

During the conference, most of the urgent issues related to the stabilization of the Greek economy were introduced and discussed, such as the crucial issue of fiscal debt, the privatization program, the… more

By Nikos V. Tsitsas

The founder of Macedonian Thrace Brewery, Dimitris Politopoulos, has been counting 11 years in the Greek beer market. At the age of 46, he feels that his dream of having his own beer production in Greece has been partially implemented, despite the adversity and the war of the market's strong, choking local producers, he says.

Dimitris Politopoulos was born in Papagos, Athens and when he finished high school he went to the USA. He completed his studies at the… more