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A Greek beer revolution!

As recently as the mid 90’s, Greece did in fact have several airlines, but the late, great Frank Zappa would undoubtedly have been upset by the fact that the land of his forefathers still didn’t have a single, 100% Greek beer.

That’s why when the very first “Vergina” was bottled in 1998, our mission was twofold: to craft one of the finest premium lagers money could buy – anywhere, at any price – and to rectify the glaring omission of which the legendary Zappa spoke...

Revolutionizing Greece’s Beer Culture - Going Global

Much to our surprise, what started out as a small, committed band of beer lovers’ quest to bring back the lost art of beer-craft to the Thracian heartland soon blossomed into something much greater than we could have ever hoped for: our “Vergina” brand had not only evolved into the catalyst that would revolutionize beer culture in Greece, but also began attracting an ever growing number of devoted fans in the four corners of the globe - from the surf lodges of Australia to New York City’s finest restaurants.

Honoring the Past - Investing in the Future

The history of beer brewing in the Hellenic world is well documented throughout antiquity; perhaps most famously in the 10th Century Byzantine codex entitled “Peri Zython Pioiseos” (“On the Crafting of Beers”). Furthermore, the ancient Greeks were well aware of the exceptional quality of the natural spring waters of Northern Greece, and archaeological finds confirm that Thrace was one of the very first locations in Europe where beer fermentation took place.

However, as resting on one’s laurels is never enough, Macedonian Thrace Brewery has invested tens of millions of Euros to date in establishing and continuously updating one of Europe’s most technologically advanced brewing and bottling facilities in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains, that consistently meets and exceeds the most stringent international quality assurance standards (FSCC 22000).

A Band of Beer Lovers… that just happens to be one of Greece’s Strongest Companies

Today, with a highly specialized and committed team of over 115 good people that’s constantly striving for the best possible results, and an ever growing presence of our labels throughout Greece and worldwide, Macedonian Thrace Brewery has managed to retain a close-knit “family atmosphere”, while at the same time consistently ranking as one of the most financially stable and creditworthy corporations in Greece.

Since our beginnings in the late 90’s, when the Macedonian Thrace Brewery first started offering its signature “Vergina Premium Lager” in the finest European Pilsner tradition, our product lineup has grown to include a variety of different labels and specialty beers, such as “Vergina Red”, an amber specialty beer with a unique bouquet of honey and berries; “Vergina Weiss”, which is brewed in the time-honored Bavarian tradition of top-fermented wheat beers; "Vergina Porfyra", an unfiltered limited edition lager which is brewed with the true beer aficionado in mind and "Vergina XXX Black" , an unfiltered dry stout with distinctive coffee and vanilla overtones, while a variety of new seasonal and specialty labels scheduled for production promise to make the choice for Vergina fans harder than ever...

All of us here at Macedonian Thrace Brewery believe that the best days are yet to come, and we assure you that as we continue to getting stronger and stronger, we will never lose sight of the guiding principles that have gotten us to where we are today.

We thank you for your interest in our products, and hope that you will honor us by making “Vergina” your beer of choice!


Macedonian Thrace Brewery is established

It was Demetri Politopoulos’ Love for Greece and great beer that created Macedonian Thrace Brewery S.A. Our brewery was established in 1996 at Komotini's Industrial Area, due to the high quality water that gushes from the Rodopi mountain range.


Vergina Premium Lager is launched

Revolutionizing Greece’s Beer Culture. On February 13th, 1998 the first 100% Greek beer with a Greek label is born and the independent Craft Beer Revolution begins in Greece.


Vergina Red is born

It was October of 2001, when Vergina Red made her appearance in the Greek market. A true "labor of love", Vergina Red was initially brewed for our Brewmaster's wedding!


Vergina Weiss is born

In June of 2003, Vergina Weiss, Greece’s global beer champion is born. We are especially proud of the fact that one of the world’s finest Hefeweizen style beers is brewed right here in Komotini!


Contractual Farming of Malting Barley is introduced in Greece

Macedonian Thrace Brewery introduced the concept of Contractual Farming of malting barley in Greece in 2006, inaugurating a new era for Greek farmers and microbrewers. Our contractual farming partners are assured that their production will be purchased at a fixed price at the start of each season, while we can monitor and control every aspect of our production process, from “farm to table”.


Tuvunu is established

Tuvunu was founded upon a simple premise: since Greece has been blessed with some of the world’s finest herbs, fruits and natural spring water, a combination of these key ingredients would inevitably result in the world’s finest soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. Tuvunu has introduced the world to a new class of natural soft drinks that are good for consumers, producers and the local economy. That’s why “nothing compares” to Tuvunu!


Vergina Porfyra is born

In June of 2013, Vergina Porfyra, our “Byzantine Empress” is born. Porfyra is produced in limited quantities every year, and was created with the beer connoisseur in mind.


Our Malting Plant commences production of our Thracian Malt

Our desire to be self-sufficient, while being able to control the supply and quality of our basic raw material were the primary reasons which led us to establish our very own Malting Plant. One of the world’s most technologically advanced malting facilities that supplies our Thracian Malt to dozens of independent breweries throughout Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.


Vergina XXX Black is born

In January of 2017, the uniquely dark and mysterious Vergina XXX Black is born! A truly novel experience for the senses that’s sure to please beer lovers everywhere!


Our Visitors Center

In April of 2017 our visitors center is ready. In May of the same year it opens its doors and hosts the first ever Independent Craft Brewers Roundtable (I.C.B.R.), an annual event where independent brewers from around the globe share their passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and above all, brewing great beer! Our visitors center is the starting point of all Macedonian Thrace Brewery’s tours and it’s the best place to enjoy Vergina beer directly from the source!!!


Malting Plant Expansion

As a result of the tremendous success of Thracian Malt, we invested in an expansion of our malting plant which doubled its capacity in April of 2017, which has enabled us to cover the needs of 90% of Greece’s microbreweries, the Balkans, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel with world class malts from our fields in Macedonia and Thrace.


Research & Development Department Established

Our world class Research and Development Department was established in the Spring of 2017. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology (GC-MS, HPLC, atomic absorption, etc.) and in collaboration with Universities, Institutes and State Agencies, our R&D lab has the capability of analyzing soil and detecting heavy metals in the raw materials used in brewing, while offering various solutions for final product quality control.