fbpx Weiss | Vergina Beer
Thracian Malt Wheat & Blonde, Wheat Dark Malt
alcohol / ibu
5.4% Vol
14.0 - 16.0 EBC
H. Magnum & T. Tettnanger
Bottle 0.5l, Keg 20l

Vergina Weiss is recognized as one of the world’s very best in the Hefeweizen category, bringing home numerous international awards and distinctions such as Germany’s Beer Star and England’s International Brewing Award. Vergina Weiss is truly an outstanding beer with a rich and aromatic wheat flavor, and a distinctive hazy appearance due to its special top-fermenting yeast. This top-fermentation method gives it its rich, fruity aroma with notes of clove and banana.

Pouring Instructions

For the ultimate Vergina Weiss experience, be sure to use our bespoke Vergina Weiss glasses and follow the pouring instructions on the back of the bottle!

Serving Suggestions

Vergina weiss balances out the more intensely flavored semi-soft and monastic cheeses, as well as cheese like mature Gouda, Colby or Monterey Jack, and the slightly stronger goat's milk cheeses like Romano and Feta. Vergina weiss also complements seafood appetizers and white fish dishes.


Ingredients: Thracian Malt Wheat & Blonde (barley), Wheat Dark Malt, Hops (H. Magnum & T. Tettnanger), top-fermenting Yeast and Water.
Taste/aroma: Full-bodied flavor, intense aromas dominated by clove and banana
Appearance: Light amber color, cloudy
Shelf life: 9 months in bottle, 4 months in keg
Packaging: bottle 0.5l, keg 30l

1234 The newest outstanding success for Vergina Weiss, comes on November 2018, at the European Beer Star competition. Vergina Weiss was awarded with the silver medal in the demanding Hefeweizen class. This year's competition proved harder than ever, due to the 2.344 registered beers from 51 countries that were competed in 65 classes. Learn more.
12 The second major prize for Vergina Weiss, was earned at European Beer Star competition 2014. Vergina Weiss was awarded with the bronze medal, in a very challenging event due to the 1.613 beers from 42 countries that where competed in 52 classes. Learn more.


The first major prize for Vergina Weiss, was obtained at the International Brewing Awards 2013, in London, UK. Vergina Weiss was awarded with the bronze medal at Speciality Wheat Beer class, in a competition of 35 classes, that 1.000 beers were competed from 70 countries. Learn more.

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