Privacy Policy

Macedonian Thrace Brewery S.A. wishes to build a community based on trust, protection of privacy and freedom of expression. We want you to feel free to express yourselves, but also to feel safe in an environment that you can control. If you decide to provide us with personal information that we may need through the Internet, you can rely on the following Personal Data Protection Policy.

The management and protection of personal data belonging to visitors and users of this website are subject to the terms of this section and the applicable provisions of Greek Law (L. 2472/1997) and European law (Council Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC), as in force. Any visitors/users who do not agree with the terms regarding the protection of personal data as stipulated in this section should not use the services of this website.

General use of website:

Visitors/users are not required to provide personal data in order to use this website.

The only exception is when visitors/users wish to register with the member community of the website, or in the event that visitors/users wish to take part in one of the contests conducted on this website.

IP addresses:

This website checks the IP address through which the computer used by visitors/users accesses the Internet. This information is used to collect statistical data aimed at the effective and ongoing improvement of services provided by this website.


This website includes links to other websites which are controlled by third parties (natural persons or legal entities). This website is not responsible under any circumstances for the terms and policies that these websites adhere to with regard to the protection of personal data.

This website uses 'cookies', a technology that is used to recognise visitors/users of specific services and web pages of this website. Cookies are small files (4 KB at most) that can be stored on the computer hard drive of any visitor/user without being able to access any document or file stored on that computer. They are used to facilitate access by visitors/users to specific pages and services of this website or for statistical purposes. Visitors/users can alter the settings on their server so they can be notified of the use of cookies on specific pages/services of this website and they can refuse to allow the use of cookies.

General terms for protection of personal data:

This website protects the personal nature of your data and it is not possible to release such information to third parties (with the exceptions provided for by law and only to the competent authorities). This website retains records with personal data sent by visitors/users solely for communication or for statistical purposes or in order to improve the services provided. It is possible that part or all such data may be processed for statistical purposes, market research or for improving the services provided.